“The laboratory is a place that people use to prepare something or perform scientific activities”. (Subiyanto 1988). The place is meant to be an enclosed space commonly referred to as the laboratory building or laboratory space, it can also be an open place like garden, forest, or the universe. The existence and condition of a laboratory depends on the intended use of the laboratory, the role or function that will be given to the laboratory, and the benefits to be taken from the laboratory.
Various laboratories are known today include industrial laboratories in the world of business and industry, hospital laboratory and laboratory in health clinics, research laboratories in the world of science and technology, as well as laboratories in colleges and schools of education. In the subsequent description will only be raised about the physics laboratory at school. An overview of the role and benefits of the school physics laboratory is roughly in accordance with the following quote: “The lab is a place to provide certainty or reinforce information, determining causality, symptoms, verifying (concepts, theories, laws, formulas) to develop process skills, helping students learn to use the scientific method to solve problems and to carry out research “(Pella 1969).
It may mean that the role or function of the school physics laboratory is as a source of learning physics at school, or as one physical facilities to support the learning process in schools, and laboratories can be used to develop student competence is the goal of the learning process in school physics . In accordance with the purpose, role and benefits of using physics laboratory 1 as described above, the laboratory activities provided to students should be used to achieve these goals:
• Develop and enhance the curiosity of students to a symptom or physical phenomena.
• Develop and enhance a sense of want to find yourself on the regularity of a symptom or physical phenomena.
• To develop students’ skills in observing and taking data.
• Educate and familiarize students to work patiently and carefully.
• To train students to analyze data and prepare reports.
• Train students to use scientific methods and develop a scientific attitude.
• Train students to get used to investigate.
In order for such purposes as set out above can be achieved in accordance with the role and benefits of the school physics laboratory, we need a laboratory management system are planned, implemented, evaluated and developed. Laboratory management that includes Design Laboratory, consumables and laboratory equipment, laboratory Planning and Management, Safety Laboratory
Here you learn in advance about the laboratory facilities. which includes a variety of types, sizes and layout in the room, a variety of facilities such as laboratories inslatalasi electrical installations, water installations and gas installations, furniture and laboratory facilities. In this module you can study and design of laboratory facilities include a discussion of the design laboratory, the installation in the laboratory, and laboratory furniture. After studying this module you are expected to understand berbagtai laboratory facilities. To achieve an understanding of the above you need to study this module carefully so you can:

1. Explaining the design laboratory
2. Describe the installation in the laboratory
3. Describe laboratory facilities.

The material is organized into three modules and learning activities as follows.
Learning Activity 1: Laboratory Design
Learning Activity 2: Laboratory Installing the
Learning Activity 3: Laboratory furniture


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